For nearly fifty years, our ministries at Make It Clear have partnered with local pastors like you to equip the saints for works of service. In this course, trained Good News Champions in your congregation, equip others to confidently share the Good News of eternal salvation.

Good News Made Clear provides videos, discussion, and classroom practice led by a trained Good News Champion. Your Champion has faced the same fear, uncertainty, and lack of “knowhow” you experience when sharing the Good News. The program gives you confidence to share the Good News in a biblically correct, clear, compassionate, courageous, consistent, and cheerful way.

GOOD NEWS MADE CLEAR is a safe place where you join with others like you who want to overcome the fear, uncertainty, or simply the lack of “knowhow” that keeps you from sharing the good news of eternal salvation. Our goal in this 8-week, video-based program, is to give you tools and confidence to share the Good News.

Helping you empower your church to reach their world.

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