Why This Ministry

America’s law enforcement officers make up a thin blue line of protection between citizens and chaos. This thin blue line is under attack like never before. Officers are being assaulted and even murdered for no other reason than the uniform they wear. Now, more than ever, our nation’s officers need the Good News of hope. Partner with us to make the thin blue line a Strong Blue Line.

The Strong Blue Line Foundation serves law enforcement officers, chaplains, and their families by providing training and valuable resources that help officers win – body, soul, and spirit. Tim travels across America teaching seminars and providing copies of his books “Winning a Gunfight,” “Suicide is Not an Option,” and/or “Moral Injury in Policing” to officers and law enforcement chaplains.

In 2024, Tim’s wife Sherry joined him to minister full time to officers and their families. As a life-long wife of a law enforcement officer, she has unique experience and wisdom that helps her connect with officers’ wives.

Please partner with us to share the gospel through seminars, retreats, books, or other training events across the country.

Director of Law Enforcement Ministries

Dr. Tim Rupp

Dr. Tim Rupp

Tim Rupp was a career police officer before being called into fulltime vocational ministry. He enlisted in the Air Force after graduating high school. After his enlistment, Tim joined the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) and gave 24 years of dedicated service before retiring in 2007. During his SAPD career he worked as a patrol officer, homicide detective, patrol sergeant, sex crimes sergeant, police academy supervisor, and internal affairs sergeant-investigator. He continued his law enforcement service as a reserve deputy with the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office, Idaho from 2009-2020.

The Strong Blue Line

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