A New Home for Make It Clear Ministries

All of us at Make It Clear Ministries are grateful to the Lord for how and where He is growing Make It Clear Ministries and Clarity Christian College.

After much prayer, speaking with trusted godly advisors, and open discussion with the Board of Make It Clear Ministries, the Lord has opened the door for MICM to relocate its headquarters from Orlando, FL, to San Antonio, TX. Dr. Stan and Carol Ponz will relocate to serve with the ministry and live in San Antonio.

The “Alamo City” is geographically centered in the USA and is a conservative state making it easier to go east and west with ministry outreach and expansion. 

There is a strong base of resources, including ministry contacts and supporters, since Make It Clear Ministries was located there from 1980-1991. With decades of broadcasting on the historical KDRY radio station in San Antonio, Make It Clear radio has a large base of radio listeners. Long-time volunteer team members like our ministries CPA Mark and Linda Hanna and other Christian leaders who are friends of MICM who live in the area continue to provide support, prayers, and help.

Being so close to Mexico means there is a Hispanic and international culture; plenty to reach with the gospel and train to “gospelize” their culture.  

All of this means there are greater opportunities for further growth. Finally, and not least, Stan and Carol, at this season in their lives, will be near their sons and family. The move will happen by April 1, 2023.

Does this mean there will not be a MICM presence in Orlando? MICM will remain in the Orlando area with Gordon Gable, Chris Tanner, and their crew to film our TV program “Issues And Answers for Today.” Also, Ron Hoffmann, an adjunct faculty at Clarity Christian College, and John Stoltz with WTLN and advisor for a new MICM initiative that will be announced soon. Stan and Carol will return to Orlando in January through March to fulfill speaking commitments and minister throughout the east coast.  

Along with Orlando are other Make It Clear Ministries and Clarity Christian College “hubs” around the country in:

  • Cleveland (Willoughby Hills), OH, with John Boehm, EVP of MICM
  • Denver (Loveland), CO, with Jon and Peggy Sperling, Director of Ministry Development and Clarity Christian College
  • Idaho Falls, ID, with Dr. Tim Rupp, president of The Strong Blue Line, in close connection with MICM
  • Macon (Knoxville), GA, with Doug Stroup, Senior Director of Make It Clear Studio
  • Orlando (DeBary), FL, with Gordon Gable, MICM Board member, and his team
  • San Antonio, TX, with Stan and Carol Ponz

Many have asked about Clarity Christian College, formerly Florida Bible College. The college remains a vital part of the future of Make It Clear Ministries. We are blessed with faculty who love the Lord, love their students, and are committed to equipping men and women to be champions for Christ.

There continues to be the need for a training center like Clarity Christian College, with its legacy of doctrinal soundness, godly living, and ministry skills preparing the new generation of Christian influencers to have the Biblical tools to take the Word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ with accuracy, clarity, and urgency into every person’s world. It must be done by those who love the Lord with all their hearts and minds in holiness and who compassionately and courageously preach and teach the uncompromising truth of God’s Word. 

Please remember us in prayer as we move forward together with this exciting and challenging opportunity.