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E3 Project

Make It Clear – Students. There are parallels between international cultures and the youth culture today.  With a passion to see young people drawn to the Lord Jesus Christ and then to live in a growing relationship with Him, what are the unique contributing factors that are bringing this outcome through Make It Clear – Students?

  1. Naturally reaching their own people groups. There are many “worlds” that are almost impossible for adults to get into. The youth are the perfect people to serve their own people group, because they know the language, culture, traditions, and know how often to survive in those very difficult situations. They also feel the pain and the problems better in their youth communities. Often youth can go anywhere in their own culture without being noticed and watched as an “outsider” would. The cost of supporting a youth ministry is really an investment in the new young leaders of today. While the Bible has been taken out of schools today, who better to reach youth in public schools today than committed young people as “missionaries” in their own schools!
  2. Building relationships and friendships. Because youths are tribe and “family” oriented, building good relationships is easier and can open a great door to share the Good News and win them to Christ.
  3. Taking care of the youth's physical, spiritual, educational, and emotional needs.  Make It Clear – Students minister with Biblical education including life-skills, Bible camps / conferences, training in ministry and missions, coaching in sports, music, film, and media programs, and conducting youth meetings that God is using to transform the lives of youth and their family.
  4. Targeting the whole family not only the teen. While the community around them shows hate, greed and immorality, we come alongside with love, care, teaching, and training to help them become active attenders and members of the local church. The testimonies from the youth and their families demonstrate how God answers their prayers. This really impacts and changes their lives to know that there are people who are caring, loving, praying, and helping them even if they don't know them personally.
  5. Helping the youth to be a good citizen as patriotic Americans while seeing themselves involved in a global outreach community. Many youths hate their community; MIC – Students is teaching them to be a blessing to their community and to help build their local and national communities because they will become the adult leaders of the future.
  6. Standing with other believers in Christ. The youth are taught they are never alone…they have the Lord with them all the time along with other believers, young and old to help them know they are not forsaken by their parents, brothers, and sisters in Christ.
  7. The relationship between the local church.  MIC – Students has built partnerships and come alongside local churches and ministries to provide youth leadership and parental mentoring.
  8. MIC – Students is helping young people through evangelism, encouragement, and equipping (E – 3) who are getting older with opportunities to discover their life goals and ministry opportunities through a special GAP-year program to accurately learn the Bible, ministry and mission skills, and the foundations to advance in vocational Christian ministry and careers.
  9. After training in Make It Clear Ministries – Students’ “Gap-Year of Discovery” and at Florida Bible College, the students are able to influence their own communities and cultures to reach others for Christ!

So how is this funded? Yes, student ministries take funding…much funding at times.  So far, the vast majority of what is being done is with a small, yet committed army of very skilled and talented volunteers; youths and adults.  Yet much more will be done as the Lord provides the funds for the things volunteers are unable to do.  Please join us in this part of our journey as Make It Clear Ministries through its’ MIC – Students keeps on expanding to take the Gospel and the Word of God correctly and clearly into every person’s world for God’s glory!  If you desire to give, you may do so securely by sending a check or going to www.MakeItClear.org.

Who leads Make It Clear – Students?  Todd "Coach B" and Lisa Burden lead this ministry. Todd is the founder / director of InBounds Ministries and director of Make It Clear – Students. He has taught the Word of God as a school educator, youth pastor, pastor, and missionary while holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Education from Florida Bible College and an Honorary Doctorate in Sacred Theology.

Along with Todd’s vast experience ministering through music, his international ministry has taken him throughout the US, Europe, Central America, and the Caribbean.

As an athlete, Coach Burden played multiple sports through high school earning numerous team awards; all-conference awards; and was named a National Association of Christian Athletes All-American player in basketball. And, as a coach, he has been blessed to coach (for and against) numerous players that have gone on to the collegiate and professional levels; and was on the coaching staff of the 2005-2006 NACA Elite Division National Championship team. Since that time, he has been afforded the opportunity to share the Gospel and the truth of God’s Word with accuracy, clarity and urgency to students locally and globally!

E3 Project Schedule 2020/2021

Fall Semester

Date Activity
Aug 21-22 Students arrive Make It Clear Orlando Orientation
Aug 23 Travel to NC following Church
Aug 23-Sep 2 Music and Missions
(InBounds Ministries' Next Man Up Boot Camp)
in NC (w/ Todd & Thomas)
Sep 3-6 Travel to local church setting
(settle in, church and school orientation)
Sep 7 Day off for Labor Day
Sep 8-18 Evangelism and Discipleship
and Survey of Christian Doctrine 1
(6 hours per day)
Sep 21-25 Projects - 6 hours per day
Sep 28-Oct 9 Spiritual Life Formation and Old Testament Survey
(3 hours per day per class)
Oct 12-16 Projects - 6 hours per day
Oct 19-23 Romans & Galatians (3 hours per day per class)
Oct 26-30 Projects - 3 hours per day
Nov 1-23 InBounds Ministries Missions Southern Tour
Nov 24 Debrief @ Florida Bible College


Spring Semester

Date Activity
Jan 18-19 Students return to Orlando
Jan 20 Travel to NC following Church
Jan 20-27 Music and Missions 2
(InBounds Ministries, Next Man Up Boot Camp) in NC
(w/ Todd & Thomas)
Jan 28-30 Travel (settle in, church and school orientation)
Feb 1-12 Bible Study Methods and Survey of Church History
(3 hours per day per class)
Feb 15-19 Projects - 6 hours per day
Feb 22-Mar 5 Survey of Christian Doctrine 2
and New Testament Survey
(3 hours per day per class)
Mar 8-12 Projects - 6 hours per day
Mar 15-19 Christian Worldviews (6 hours per day per class)
Mar 22-26 Projects - 6 hours per day
Mar 28-Apr 18 InBounds Ministries Missions Midwest and SE Tour
Apr 19-20 Debrief and Exit Interviews @ Florida Bible College
Apr 22-29 Optional Overseas Mission Trip
with InBounds Ministries

Additional Schedule Information

  • During Florida Bible College classes there will be 2 nights per week for music rehearsals
  • During Florida Bible College classes students will be plugged into internships at local churches
  • During the last "project" week of each semester will be more rehearsal time to prep for tours

E3 Project Costs Breakdown:

Per Semester = $5500 (Tuition, training, food allowance, lodging, travel)
Florida Bible College E3 Scholarship = $1000
Total = $4500 ($9K for the year)
Optional Overseas Mission Trip $1000 (end 2nd semester)

Potential ways to alleviate the semester costs for students:

  • Home Church Investment for the educational or missions costs
  • Raised Support (Tax deductible gifts)
  • Materials and Training provided through Make It Clear Students for support raising

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