Suicide is Not an Option Seminar

America’s law enforcement officers are significantly more likely to die by suicide than being murdered in the line of duty. For years mental health professionals have come alongside officers with treatment, assistance, and counsel. Yet, the suicide rate continues to increase. Can this ever-increasing suicide rate among these warriors be stopped?

In this four-hour seminar, Law Enforcement Chaplain Tim Rupp approaches suicide from a spiritual health perspective. Rupp argues there is meaning to life beyond the individual. Humans are not only physical and mental beings, but spiritual beings who yearn for a yet to be experienced life beyond. This eternal hope instilled in every person gives meaning to life and a reason to hope. Hope for more, hope for new, hope for better. Rupp believes that this intrinsic hope is a key to reduce the suicide rate among our warriors. Contact us for more information.


Bonneville County SO Ammon Field Office
Address: 3750 E. Lincoln Rd.
City: Ammon
State: ID
Zip Code: 83401
Phone: 208-529-1375
Time Zone: America/Chicago

Event Details

Start Date: November 19, 2024

Start Time: 08:00 AM

End Time: 12:00 PM

End Time: 12:00 PM