Peggy Sperling has a passion for teaching and loving people in Christ! She holds dual citizenship with the US and Canada and loves to study cultures and generations, discovering ways to bridge the gaps that divide us. She holds degrees in education and biblical studies and has a background in education, ministry, and building a top-performing business team (holding local and international training events.) Peggy loves serving the Lord, training women in family and spiritual growth issues, and teaching people how to share the Good News. She is a certified human behavior consultant, teaching personality profiling and spiritual gifts.

In her role as Women’s Ministry Director for Make It Clear Ministries, Peggy speaks for women’s events and retreats, trains staff and volunteers at crisis pregnancy centers, and hosts a blog (Clear Connections) where “generations of women” can learn together. She writes and works alongside her husband Jon, on Make It Clear projects including the Good News Made Clear study series. Jon Sperling is the Director of Ministry Development for Make It Clear Ministries.

Previously, Peggy led 45 teams to China in the span of 11 years, training thousands in marriage, family, and leadership in churches, bookstores, coffee shops, and government facilities. In 2010, Peggy created “Story Jewelry” (along with pamphlets/tracts in 3 languages), and God has taken this Good News sharing tool all over the world!

Jon and Peggy Sperling love working and teaching together at home in Colorado, and internationally, and they love spending time with their children and grandchildren!