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Speaking Schedule for Dr. Stan Ponz - Founder

If you would like to have Stan speak at your church or event please email us at TellMeMore@FloridaBibleCollege.com
Make It Clear - Dr. Stan Ponz

Meet and Greet Dessert

Wednesday, August 21 at 7:00 PM

If you live in the Denver area, we would enjoy having you, your family, and friends join with us to hear more about Make It Clear Ministries and Florida Bible College.  Please RSVP by contacting us at 808-220-8423 or stanponz@makeitclear.org so we have plenty of dessert!         

home of John and Peggy Sperling
7461 Johnson Street
Arvada, CO 80005

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Speaking Schedules

Dr. Stan Ponz - Founder

Dr. Stan Ponz


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 Carol Ponz -

Carol Ponz

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 Doug Stroup -

Doug Stroup

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Dr. Karl Elkins -

Dr. Karl Elkins

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 Anthony Vecchio -

Anthony Vecchio

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